Friday, June 30, 2006

Twilight (fiction...or is it?)

The Child sat at the top of the small hill, panting slightly from her exertions. The better part of the last hour had been spent trying to roll down the hill perfectly straight. But no matter how hard she tried to keep herself horizontal, her legs would beat her to the bottom of the hill. The soft, cool caress of the sweet grass was just fine, though, and perhaps tomorrow she would defy the laws of physics and roll down the hill just like a log.
For now, the Child was just content to watch the sky reveal the pinks, oranges and purples it displayed when it was time for the sun to say its goodbyes. She had tried to draw the sky once, the way it looked this time of day, but her crayons couldn’t capture the way gold became pink, then orange, and then impossibly purple. So she sat content, sunset’s glow lighting a face kissed golden by days spent exploring Grandma’s place, a face curious, babyish still and happy. The evening breeze teased strands of damp hair that had escaped the confines of her pigtails.
A shadow cast from behind the Child grew and grew, until Grandma herself eased down onto the cool grass. The Child looked forward to this time, her most special time with Grandma, when they would talk about the day’s discoveries: how the tadpoles in the pond were getting so big, the black raspberries they would be picking in a day or two, the daisy chain she had made. While the Child talked, Grandma would settle companionably closer, and kick off her shoes.
“My goodness, that feels wonderful,” as Grandma burrowed her feet in the grass.
“Do we have to go in now, or can we wait just a little longer?” the Child asked.
“Just long enough to see the Faeries?” Grandma smiled.
Now, the Child knew that the lightning bugs were just that, bugs, but when Grandma said they were faeries, you couldn’t help but believe her. She always had a way of making things seem a little more special.
They sat, watching the lightning bugs- or faeires, if you will- until the last of the light was nearly gone and the first stars were shyly appearing. At the sound of the barn door rolling shut, Grandma stood, slipped her shoes back on and held a hand out for the Child to take.
“Well, let’s see about supper.”
Later in the evening, after the dishes were done, Grandpa fast asleep in his chair, the Child lay in her bed, looking at a picture on the wall as she waited for sleep to come. The picture was of a little girl much like her, hugging an old rag doll that was missing a foot and eye, while a brand new doll with curls and frills and (she was pretty sure) two blue eyes sat without regard on the floor. Grandma had told her that the picture was called “Love Is Blind”, and the Child often wondered if the old rag doll was blind with only one eye, or just exactly what that meant; she was sure there was something she was supposed to learn from the picture.
Just then, her bedroom door opened and Grandma’s head peeked in.
“Still awake, Sweet Petunia?”
“Yes, but I was almost asleep, really, Gram!”
“Well, dear heart, I’m glad you’re still awake, because there’s something special I want to show you.”
Together they made their way to the back porch, and the Child was amazed! The sky was shimmering, pulsating with every imaginable pastel color, and when one long ray of light went out, another took its place. The Child had never seen anything so beautiful in her short life.
“Grandma, what’s happening?”
“That, dear, is the Aurora Borealis, but most folks call them Northern Lights. I haven’t seen them since, oh, I wasn’t much older than you, and in these parts it’s a rare occasion. I just wanted to make sure you could see them at least once with me.”
“They’re beautiful.”
“Yes, they sure are.”
The Child turned in her Grandma’s lap to face her.
“Gram, this is the best place on earth. I don’t ever want to leave here or leave you and Grandpa.”
And the Child’s grandma told her a very peculiar thing. That she could always be here, at the farm, with her, if she chose to be, no matter where she was. Even in the years to come, no matter what, she could be sitting on Grandma’s very lap, on the back porch.
The Child, knowing that Grandma could always make things seem a little more special, and sometimes even magical, nodded and snuggled in closer to watch those beautiful lights.

Overheard at Bedrock

“How do you want me?”
“Right here. Back it up…a little more….more...keep it coming….right there, that’s perfect.”

“How do you want me?”
“Just stay right there, I’ll catch you on a drive by.”

“How do you want me?”
“ You’re going to have to turn around, I can’t get it in your box when you’re facing that way.”

“I’m stuck, can you help me?”
“Damn it, I told you not to back in that far!”

“I think if you just strip the top off and dig in, it’ll be alright.”

“He’s a breeder, that’s for sure.”

“I’ve got a leak in my hose.”

"It's sticking straight up, I can't get it back down. And I'm a little worried about those powerlines."

And this is just on the CB!

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Cross Dressing at its Finest

Remember this from last year’s VF*n*W Convention?

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And this, from last year’s Golf Play Day?

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Well, nothing very interesting happened at Convention last weekend; or at least, Old Sarge and Tom kept their own clothes on. But…the Golf Play Day is coming up, and I have prevailed upon these fine gentlemen to once again do what they do so well and help me raise some money for our soldiers.

Now here’s the fun part.

You, dear readers, are invited to leave suggestions in the comments for what the boys can dress up as for their shtick. My idea was to get them some orange shorts and white tank tops with “TOOTERS” printed on them. I have every confidence that you folks can way exceed my funny, so have at it!

What Drought?

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In case you're wondering, that's a white duck who seems to have become the quarry mascot. I guess we've had more rain than I thought!

Monday, June 26, 2006

Khobar Towers

June 25, 1996

Old Sarge was watching TV in his apartment in Dharain, Saudi Arabia with a friend when the plywood that covered his patio doors, and subsequently the glass, blew inward. The plywood pinned his friend to floor, knocking him unconscious. Old Sarge got him up and over his shoulder, shredding his bare feet on broken glass, and carried him 9 floors down.

Once outside, Old Sarge could see the devastation of the building just ahead and to the right of his building. The whole front of the building had been blown away. He was one of the lucky ones- glass cuts all over, and glass shards in his ear, but still in one piece. Nineteen other airmen were not as lucky.

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Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Headed South

Well, the VF*n*W Convention starts tomorrow, and Old Sarge and I will be heading to Peoria. My Americanism program speech is written. And that's all I have done.

Gown borrowed from sister- check
What is floor length on her is tea length on me- shit
Strapless black bra for gown- are you KIDDING me? - shit
appropriate sandals- shit

Trophies picked up- check
Trophies unpacked and checked for names- SHIT! Half of the kids trophies are wrong.
Begging Old Sarge to drive back to Freeport and get new name plates- check
This costing me in a ...ahem...conjugal type of way- shit!
(sorry, kids, TMI)

Big blue storage container on wheels to carry trophies and love gifts- check
Everything fits?- shit

So, I'm not packed, no idea what I'm taking for clothes, at least a dozen errands to run tonight. Then a weekend full of meetings, meetings, dinner, more meetings, drinking, throw in another meeting....some people have fun at these things, I am told.

Pffftt! See ya Monday!!!

Tuesday, June 20, 2006

Oh Damn

This, from Hot Air, isn't unexpected, but damn! I was really hoping we would find those soldiers alive.

Call me barbaric, uncivilized, irrational, whatever, but news like this makes me, um, less than tolerant of Islam. Fuck 'em, kill 'em.

Monday, June 19, 2006

Georgia On My Mind...

One wedding over, and another in the works. Son #2 at home, has decided on St. Simons Island, Georgia, for their October wedding.

Me: Hey, I looked up where this place is at! Right on the Ocean!!
Old Sarge:
Old Sarge: That could be why it's called an island.

Obviously, the Atlantic coastal region is foreign to me.

Anyway, if anyone has some insight into which airport would be the best to fly into, i.e. Atlanta, Savannah or Jacksonville, I could use some help.

Damn, flying AND water....I got the heebie-jeebies already!

From The Weekend

Old Sarge made it home from South Carolina intact. Apparently the youngest's wedding was everything I thought it would be- a bunch of 18 year olds running around like...18 year olds. Youngest and Child Bride have taken off for Ft. Campbell, where they have 1) no furniture or household goods, 2) she has no job or school applications and 3) they have no place to live. Youngest has been living in the barracks, and you cannot apply for base housing until AFTER you are married. Which is usually an ordeal unto itself, but hey! What do I know?

Except for working on Saturday, my weekend was lovely. Just hung out at home with Oldest Son and the Heiress, watching movies. Flight 93 was just gut wrenching, I recommend that for everyone, no matter how hard it is to watch. We also watched The Anchorman and The Ringer, and I am going to Hell because I laughed at Johnny Knoxville.

Sat out on the front porch with an ice tea, watching the first lightening bugs I've seen this year. Watched my tomato plants grow before my eyes, the garden immaculately weeded, my flower beds choked with grass. Nuts- have to get on that.

Just lovely.

Saturday, June 17, 2006

5 Things Meme

Bless her blackened heart, Tammi has tagged me with the 5 Things Meme. Trust me, people, there are some things about me you just don't want to know, but here goes:

5 Things in my Refrigerator:

a bottle of Blackberry Brandy in the fruit drawer (medicinal purposes only ;)

Sparkly blue Lidocaine for sunburns

Homemade Salsa

one lonely bottle of Berghoff Dark

a gallon of Texas Pete's Hot sauce

5 Things in my Closet

Cowboy boots

my husband's old ratty flannel bathrobe ( I just can't get rid of it )

Desert Storm sweatshirt


a "gift" shelf of stuff I don't know what to do with

5 Things in my Purse....oh dear God

my key ring with the A10 Warthog on it that says "Fuck Communism"

a concrete calculator

$7.42 worth of change in the bottom

my military ID card

my rosary

5 Things in my car...oh double dear God!

shotgun shells

Barbie life jacket

cooler- stocked

an electric skillet (don't ask)

pistol holster- and neither of us own a pistol

Now, if you ever want to make it VERY interesting...ask me what's in the garage!

Friday, June 16, 2006

A Sea Change

Man oh man, it seems like forever since I’ve been able to sit down and write a post. Work has been so hectic, it is taking at least 14 hours out of my day. I’m not complaining too much either- I have a good job, they pay me pretty well, and my little corner of Bedrock is breaking records this company NEVER thought we could.

Work is important. Have to do it to have the kind of life I want to live.

Then there’s the other stuff.

Specifically, the VF*n*W.

Old Sarge and I have been very active for a lot of years. We’ve risen very high in the organization, and have hopefully done a lot of good for veterans. But, all good things must come to end, especially when you are so damn busy all the time, that you are forgetting to live your life!

I have missed so much the past several years. Birthdays, graduations, weddings. My kids’ weddings, even. I couldn’t get to Young SGT’s wedding in Germany because of work two years ago. I am missing my youngest son’s wedding this weekend, partly because I made my trip to Georgia in March, party because I find scheduling his wedding one week after his fiancée graduates from friggin’ high school a train wreck waiting to happen, AND…I have to get ready for the VFW Convention next weekend. Have to. I am a State Chairman. And this time of year, I can take off one week, but not two in a row. There is no getting out of it, I made the commitment 18 months ago.

And then I’m done. Not quitting, not avoiding it, but…I have no more heavy duty appointments or responsibilities.
I’ll still be helping vets any chance I get- hey, I sent MY check to
Valour-IT this week, did you?- but I’ll be doing what I want, not feeling like I have to put in an extra twenty hours a week for an organization.

Family matters aside, I very nearly let the opportunity for a good friendship slide by when Tammi thought she might be moving from my area. And it really made me think about how much I was missing out on all fronts.

Lest y’all worry that I may have VF*n*W withdrawal, well, Old Sarge and I have the boat, which will be in the river soon, I got a new golf bag for Mothers Day, our garden needs lots of TLC, so I won’t be bored.

And I’m not going to forget to live my life.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Best Intentions

Most who know me would never recognize my soft, fuzzy side. Mainly because I don't have one.

But I did attempt to let someone dear to me know that I was thinking of her today, and I wanted to send flowers.

Simple enough task, one would think, but do you think I could find her place of business in the phone book or on the Internet? Of course not!

So, Tammi, I hope your first day was wonderful!!!!

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Thank you!

Yea! T1G fixed my sidebar!

Posting here has been kind of like not wanting to go home to a messy house.

Anyway, I've been busy beyond my capabilities at work lately, and it's cut into my blog time something awful. Hopefully before the end of June, life will be changing very drastically for me, and I think it will be a good one.

Thursday, June 08, 2006

In My Head

A few things of note this week:

On Tuesday, Not ONCE did I hear anyone mention that it was the anniversary of the invasion of Normandy. Everyone was too concerned with it being the Demonic Date. What bullshit.

Zarquawi's dead, blown to Kingdom Come, up in Young SGT'S old stomping grounds of Baqubah. Coincidently, I have a nephew in Special Forces who is currently on an extended desert paradise getaway. Good on ya, Nick.

Monday, June 05, 2006


Hey, T1G , can you help me with my sidebar? It went South.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Yes, I Know

...that I have that posted twice. I can't delete the first one. No way. I have no idea why, but every time I hit the Delete button, it's showing the link in my post. Weird.

In Perspective

From one of my daily favorites, Tanker Brothers,:

I leave you with this, America: we're in a War. It's a Long War. It's a War that will be either our greatest victory, or our greatest defeat. The War we fight today, this Long War, will define who we are as a nation, and what our place will be on the world stage for generations to come. The future of Western Civilization rests on the outcome of this conflict.

And we'd really like to have you on our side.

Please read the whole thing.

Old Sarge had made the comment to one of our sons a few weeks ago that he, and his generation now serving in the armed forces, are his heroes. This from a man who spent 23 years in himself. My son and I were picking up dinner at the VF*nW this week, (thank God for Taco Tuesday!) and I introduced him to this Post’s Commander. The Commander thanked my boy for his service, and then quizzed him pretty good on his views of The Long War. I have to say, I was so proud of the way he answered. Looked the man straight in the eye and said, “I support it completely”, gave his reasons why and then told about his friend Adam that was killed while they were there. Damn. This from the boy who used to come home on leave and fall in love with every stripper he met.

I am so proud of every one of these kids who serve today. They absolutely amaze me.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


You know those little tiny orange no see-um bugs that are out this time of year? They LOVE the color yellow!

Unfortunate wardrobe choice this morning.