Friday, May 11, 2007

Better News

I haven't said much about Son#2's ...misadventure this week because 1) Young SGT's accident had been on our minds so much and 2) it just doesn't sound right to me. He does not drink anymore, being respectful of his wife's wishes. (yes, that is code for pussy-whipped) He is not a belligerent person by any means, so I can't imagine him being an ass to a cop. He did mention to them that he is an Iraq war vet. The cop's response?

"I don't give a fuck."


At any rate, someone in the D.A.'s office must think it sounds fishy too, because they are declining to prosecute it. Old Sarge even has his bail money back already.

Young Sgt has been released from the hospital and will be recovering at home until his next surgery. I asked, as I always do, what we can do for them. Apparently the Missus needs Apple Pie, so here are the hats I will be wearing this weekend:

Cleaning Lady
Grounds Keeper
Source of All Evil (don't ask)
Distiller of Tasty Beverages

My apple pie recipe is available upon request!


At 5/11/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Glad to hear they are dropping the charges. And good to know Young Sgt will be home in a comfy enviroment.

Apple Pie? Hmmmm maybe I'll make one too this weekend. Sounds pretty damned good!


At 5/12/2007, Anonymous rsm said...

but I don't know how to cook.

Maybe I can pick one up from your kitchen?

At 5/13/2007, Blogger The Princess said...

Apple Pie = delicious in Kate's tummy. No better way to appreciate teachers!!! :)

At 5/13/2007, Anonymous LL said...

Glad to hear things are settling down in your household. Prayers are still going out for the Young Sgt and a quick recovery (even if it sounds like it may take a while).


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