Monday, May 07, 2007


One of my many sisters called me this morning to ask if I would like to go see Wicked on the 25th for Mother's Day.

Oh how I would love to go!

Here's the rub. On weekends, you can get tickets for $37-$90, depending on what you are willing to put up with for seating. However, should you want VIP seating WITH special services, i.e. open bar and free food, private bathroom, etc, you may purchase a ticket for a mere $195.


I have to mention that I am the only one of five girls who has a job. My sisters do not work. And I am the one who can't afford to go. Now, I did let loose a rant on Old Sarge about this, and he offered to pay for my ticket. I just can't see spending that kind of money when we have so many other things going on- home repairs, a trip to DC in February. As nice as he was to offer, I can't spend our money like that.

What kind of a mindset do you develop that every time you do something, it has to be over the top? We were not raised like this, in fact, Mom & Dad didn't have alot when I still lived at home. They did later, but never anything extravagant.

So, I will torture myself that I am being too cheap and am passing up a memorable night with my mom and sisters when I know damn good and well that I am making the right decision by staying home and chipping in on Mom's ticket.

Damn it anyway.


At 5/07/2007, Blogger The Princess said...

Well it sucks you're missing Wicked, but you gotta do your thang :)

Sorry about the slough of bad news. Looking at Dan's silver lining - maybe now he can't go to Iraq?

Your pictures are beautiful from the ball, by the way. You all actually look decent :P

At 5/08/2007, Blogger Richmond said...

That's too bad. :-( I hope your Mother's Day is fabulous anyway!


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