Friday, May 11, 2007

Like Mother, Like Daughters

AWTM has a post up about how she is starting to look like her mother. I can SO relate to that! I was watching the DVD of last year’s military ball and had a moment of complete confusion at seeing my mom in the video when she wasn’t there. You know where this is going, right? It was ME!!!

But, as always, that can be topped.

There are five girls in my family, and I have heard that we all sound alike on the phone. My mom had a message on her answering machine that consisted of “Call me when you get this message.” So, she called S. Nope, not her. Called K-strike two. Called me- no, I hadn’t called. Mom finally called the Double D’s and no, it wasn’t the twins either. Now she is completely baffled about who left the message. My dad gets home and she tells him to listen to the message and figure out who left it.

He does.

And tells her, “That’s you, you left it for me earlier and I called you back.”

Yeah, we’re THAT close!


At 5/13/2007, Anonymous Harvey said...

Now THAT'S a close family :-)

At 5/13/2007, Blogger The Princess said...

Apparently we sound alike on the phone b/c people always think I'm you if I answer your phone. We have identical laughs, too.


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