Friday, January 20, 2006

How Humiliating!

This day does not bode well. My brother picked me up this morning; he has a Big Truck. It requires the full use of running boards and the side strap for me to get in it. I managed to get myself in, only to drop my purse on the ground. When I stepped back out to get it, I missed the curb, went sideways on my ankle and fell. My brother had to get out and help me up. How fucking embarrassing! Now I'm missing most of the skin on my knee and have apparently had a softball implanted on my ankle. I'm too embarrassed to even have it seen about.

My brother's take on it didn't help- "Christ, I would have expected this out of you last night, not this morning!"

No more Thirsty Thursdays at Carla's!


At 1/20/2006, Blogger Richmond said...

Oh OUCH! Hope you heal up soon!


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