Wednesday, January 11, 2006

I'm Shameless

Old Sarge is turning 50 in two months, and I've been thinking about a surprize birthday party for him. However, I haven't figured out how to do that without inviting his family.

I know, I'm going to Hell.

Let me explain just a little. I love his mom dearly, can handle being around her. That said, all his father ever wants to do is argue politics. Now, since I am 1) not Irish, 2) am such a conservative Republican I could make Barry Goldwater blush, well, except for the being dead part, and 3) am a convert, not a cradle Catholic, I have alot of strikes against me already, and there is NO common ground here for political discussion. Sarge's older brother, 1SGT, and I get along well, his younger brothers, including his identical twin, eh, okay. But his sisters are...harpies. That's the word. I have never seen such a bunch of bossy, bitchy, know-it-all, judgemental- okay, stop myself. Suffice it to say, I don't enjoy their company.

Any suggestions?


At 1/11/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do something that Pa will like and that his family will absolutely hate. I'm so smart!

-The Princess


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