Thursday, January 12, 2006

Me and My Big Mouth

Seems like work troubles abound in the blogosphere lately. Guess I'm in good company.
I've not only had to do my capital expenditures, begging for equipment I think we desperately need and know damn well I'm not going to get, we had to have a State of the Non-Union (i.e., management) meeting. Probably thinking we all got a big pat on the back and huge bonus check for our recording breaking year, right? Mmmmmmm-hmm.
At any rate, we were encouraged to find new ways to save/make money and being the company kinda gal I am, the emails were a-firing away yesterday. I felt pretty safe doing this- since I am the only one in operations that doesn't have a penis, no one listens to me anyway. (I am NOT, however, the only one who doesn't have any balls)
Lo and behold, I am now tasked with spread sheet after spread sheet projecting everything I just suggested into what it will mean in dollars. Eh.
At least someone liked my ideas.


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