Thursday, January 12, 2006

Georgia Update

I'm pleased to report that our young SGT and his bride have made it safely to Ft. Benning and are happily house-hunting. It seems that the Engineer unit that was supposed to be put together there has gone by the wayside, so he arrived with no job. Various positions being offered were hospital admin clerk (insert sounds of violent wretching), gym liason ("And I ain't passing out no fucking basketballs") and finally, some kind of assistant to MG Wajd...Wa..Wojowhatshisnameski. Something with computers that was explained to me twice and I still don't get it. Sounds delightful, though. And he got the job, so it's all good. Even if he did drop an ass bomb leaving the CSM's office. That's my boy!

I found the good General's picture at Benning's website. Dear LORD, he looks like the Army version of R. Lee Ermey on crack!! Scary looking!


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