Tuesday, January 10, 2006


I spent the morning working on my Capital Expenditures for the coming year, something I had managed to ignore until it HAD to be turned in today. I'm not very good at crunching numbers, but I sent a proof to the one owner I feel comfortable enough to talk to, and he thought I'd made my case pretty well. We'll see. Meeting tonight.
I got to spend alot of time with my mom yesterday, which was pretty cool. We tracked down my husband reading water meters. He asked if we were going to my sister's to gamble, which of course the thought never crossed our minds. He warned us that her sewer was backing up in the far part of the garage. Being the good sister I am, I called her at work to let her know. So Mom and I proceed to whack away at the gambling machines, and Mom decides to go inside for a Nature Call. She isn't inside a minute when she comes running back out with a broom in her hand yelling something about a squirrel in the dining room.
Now at one time, this house was very nice. It still is inside, but the outside has really gone to hell. It desperately needs a new roof, fascia and sofette, the wood is completely rotten, plus has a multitude of broken windows, screens, etc. Not mention trash and beer cans all over. Now, I'm at the bottom of the heap as far as income compared to my siblings, but even Poverty Flats looks better than this. May be a little less spent on race cars and more on home maintenance would be in order. But I digress...
So Mom's jumping up and down because the squirrel brush up on her leg trying to get around her, plus she REALLY has to pee. Thankfully the husband was still in the area, so he came over and banished the varmint to its rightful place outdoors. I did the only thing I could think of, and that was to call my sister again and let her know she has critters roaming the homestead.

I wonder if she ever came home last night?


At 1/10/2006, Anonymous T1G said...

Damn squirrels...

They ain't so bad, until they start stealing your beer.


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