Thursday, January 24, 2008

Chuck On a Roll

Chuck Z has a way with words that I am most envious of. He has a post up wondering who to vote for now that Fred Thompson has dropped out of the race.

Read the whole post, but here is the money shot for me:

And unless I am mistaken, not a one of them has said "What we are doing in Iraq is working, I support the reconstruction and rebuilding efforts and the Iraqi people's continued struggle against islamofacism, and I will continue to use the military and intel communities to hunt down and kill every last terrorist and terrorist supporting asshat in the world. Also, Iran is next, unless Syria gets feisty. And I will immediately double all military pay,and not spend one dollar on welfare until the needs of ever soldier, especially our wounded or deployed soldiers, and their families are met. Similarly, I will submit a bill to congress granting permanent tax relief from all taxes to the immediate family--spouse, children, and parents, of any soldier killed in action. Their soldier has paid for them in full the cost of all of the fruits of our nation."

That's what I call supporting the troops and their mission.

Chuck is having surgery again today, I believe. #35!


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