Thursday, January 10, 2008


I think that's gonna happen if Old Sarge finds out I used the credit card again.

See, next month is the Voice of Democracy Banquet in Springfield. Very formal event.
And while I have 4 or 5 appropriate dresses, I have worn them there before and this year I am at the head table.

I had to have a new dress, right???


After consulting with my daughter, this might also be a great dress for the wedding in a year. Her colors will be deep red and silver. I hope it's okay for the mother of the bride to wear crimson.

I do have a gripe though. I ordered this through a company that sells plus size fashions. Those of you who know me, well, you know I'm a tad bit LUMPY! If full-figured means morbidly obese, I'm your gal!! So what I really wanted to see was how that dress fit on someone with MY proportions, not a stick figure!

(Maybe because it wouldn't sell if we KNEW how bad we were going to look!)


At 1/10/2008, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am opening the spectrum of color for you, Ma. The banned colors consist of the following:
* white
* ivory
* pale silver
* that "sand" color khaki that really is white but really who has that color sand unless you live in Mexico
* orange (it's just obnoxious and the only ones who look good in orange are the Phoenix Suns... if they came to my wedding that would be awesome... I'd let them wear orange.

Crap I'm digressing again...

At 1/10/2008, Blogger tammi said...

If her colors are red and silver, crimson is PERFECT for the mother of the bride.

And...for what it's worth, I think that will look GREAT on you!

At 1/12/2008, Anonymous CresceNet said...

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At 1/13/2008, Blogger Mrs. Who said...

If crescenet doesn't have anything to add about coordinating colors, then he needs to get lost.

And the mother of the bride can wear any color except what the bride is wearing.

At 1/15/2008, Anonymous Richmond said...

Lovely!! This is going to look FAB!!

At 1/16/2008, Anonymous lukie said...

WOW RagingMom you are HOT! I say that if you look like that let Old Sarge find a new wife. You certainly won't have trouble finding a NEW Sarge.


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