Monday, January 21, 2008

Emily Post?? Miss Manners???

I think I have so much stress in my life that I invent shit to worry about just to "change the scenery", so to speak.
I got my beautiful red skirt and blouse Friday. It fits wonderfully and looks better than I could have hoped for.

Then I made the mistake of re-reading the required dress for this banquet: cocktail

Shit. My dress is tea length.

Now, I have googled and wikipedia'd myself to a frenzy wondering how bad it will be to wear a longer dress. My knees and legs are scarred and icky and I rarely even wear shorts in the summer- I DON'T show my LEGS!

And I can't find anything to help with the men's dress- it is tuxedo, but red tie and cumberbund. Red? Not black tie or white tie, but red.

I am in over my head when it comes to fashion and etiquette.


At 1/21/2008, Blogger Army Wife said...

tea length is fine...

for a cocktail event...

I have seen folks show up in all kinds of thing...

At 1/22/2008, Blogger tammi said...

AW is right.....when IS this event again? I'll be home Sunday.....I can help. THIS crap I know.....

But tea lenght is perfectly acceptable.


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