Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Just Damn

It has been a growing concern of mine that Congress is going to hang our armed forces out to dry with their bullshit. Ed Morrissey had an excellent article on this yesterday:

Military Already Feels The Consequences Of Delayed Funding

To quote just a little of it:

The Army has already responded to the notion of reprogramming funding for the war effort, which the SRPC notes:

First and foremost, reprogramming requests are generally inefficient and certainly much less optimal than actually receiving the funds up-front. In a letter signed by the Chief of Staff of each of the Services, the Generals noted that “reprogramming is a short-term, cost-inefficient solution that wastes our limited resources.”
Next, reprogramming is itself not without cost. Since reprogramming is essentially robbing Peter to pay Paul, when the Department takes funds to support one program over another, that action must come at the expense of the program from which the funds are taken. As General Schoomaker notes, “These [reprogramming] actions can disrupt and desynchronize our next-to-deploy units as they prepare for war, possibly compromising future readiness and strategic depth.

Well. What a bumblefuck this is. Our elected representatives are playing with lives here, literally.

I say it’s time for a little revolution.


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