Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Welcome to the Splatter Zone!

I am thrilled to be getting some new readers. Welcome! Make yourselves at home!

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Unfortunately, one of my new readers is Old Sarge. So I will be blogging from the above abode until I learn my lesson about using my husband as blog fodder.

I can do this!


Okay, so I am in a meeting last night at the VF*n*W, getting together last minute details for our military ball on Saturday. My phone rings.

Old Sarge: I just want you to know that the underwear in the yard did NOT come from the clean clothes pile!

RM: The underwear in the yard?
(the folks at the table perk up and stare at me)

OS: Yes, the underwear in the middle of the back yard! It came from the rag box in my shop!

Friend: Why does OS have underwear in the yard?

RM to OS: You called me in a meeting about underwear???

Friend: What the hell were you doing that OS left his underwear in the yard?

RM: Oh hush!

OS: Don’t tell me to hush! I READ YOUR BLOG!!

RM: I didn’t tell you to hush! And I didn’t know you had underwear in the garage!

Friend: He keeps underwear in the shop?

RM: Oh stop yourself, please.


So again, thanks for stopping by and be sure to throw a biscuit my way.


At 5/01/2007, Blogger That 1 Guy said...

Nice going, RM. ;)

You should have called them "bungies," or something other than "underpants." Probably would have went over better.

Or not...

At 5/01/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You will never know how badly I needed that call last night. I've laughed every time I thought of it.

Oh, and just in case....Waving Hi OS!


At 5/01/2007, Anonymous LL said...

Oh my. I thought he read it already....

At 5/01/2007, Blogger Richmond said...

Heh. I call my hubby Mr. Fodder. It'll all work out. ;-)

Oh - and chocolate pie can help too...

At 5/02/2007, Blogger Bob said...



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