Monday, June 18, 2007

Warp 10, Mr. Scott

Remember in “Star Trek” when they were engaging warp drive, and all of a sudden the stars started speeding past faster and faster? Did I just reveal what a geek I am?

Regardless, that is life as it is coming at me this morning. I have my 3’ x 2’ box of promotional material packed for Convention, and am realizing I do not have near enough handouts for the Program Fair. I need a haircut and an oil change-scratch that, the Exploder needs the oil change, there is some packing to do, I have a VF*n*W meeting tonight at which the Treasurer’s books will be turned over to me for the ensuing year (GAH!) and I am not even sure I will be able to do this because I’ll be gone in July.

AND I’m looking for a ticket to Killeen for the first weekend in July that DOESN’T involve 20 hours of traveling. Shit, I could drive it in that if it wasn’t for that whole bridge/panic attack thingy.

Now, remember, Young SGT has his surgery on Thursday. So much is riding on the success of this, it is unbelievable. You know what to do.


At 6/18/2007, Blogger garfield said...

3h 45 min both ways

7 July 07
ORD -> DFW 7:50 am -> 10:05am
DFW -> GRK 10:45 am -> 11:35am

15 July 07
GRK -> DFW 6:15pm -> 7:10pm
DFW -> ORD 7:50pm -> 10:00pm

American Airlines $375.60

hope I could help :)

At 6/19/2007, Blogger ragingmom said...

The flight out looks okay, but I Need to be into Chicago earlier.


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