Friday, June 15, 2007

Beware the Ides of June

June is halfway over already, can you believe it? I have visions of sitting here in two months wondering where the summer went and why in the hell I didn’t get anything done. SO much going on right now.

Young SGT has knee reconstruction surgery next Thursday, June 21st. You all know the routine. Heck, I don’t even pray so much any more as much as BEG! He has a new post up, and believe me, some words of encouragement would go a long way. Those kids deserve a break!

The State VF*n*W Convention also starts June 21st. Despite wishing that I was going to be in Texas with Young SGT, I am looking forward to it. My only real firm obligation is to present the Patriotic Art/Voice of Democracy program Friday afternoon. It’s great to hook up with friends that you only see a few times a year, and to get your batteries recharged, so to speak, for the upcoming year. But most of all, I’m hoping I can spend some quality time with Old Sarge. This is such a tough time of year for him, always. I’ve posted on this before; even eleven years later, it is still a hard time for him.

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At 6/15/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I tried to leave a comment over at your son's blog, but this damned computer....

Please let him know he and his wife have BEEN in my thoughts and prayers. That will continue.

Also - we have the same mantra. It's the only way I know to LIVE. But, let me tell you, there are some days, I sit there and stare at that damn thing wondering how in the HELL I'm gonna pull that one off.....


At 6/15/2007, Anonymous Richmond said...

I'll be sending good gibes his way - and I'll shoot for a comment too... :-)

At 6/15/2007, Anonymous Richmond said...

That should be VIBES - gott knows what "gibes" are but they can't be good.


It's time for a cocktail...


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