Thursday, June 07, 2007

That Black Cloud That Follows Me

It’s been one of those weeks. Thank goodness they don’t happen all that often.

But for the love of Pete…

I am not a peeler when it comes to sunburns, or I should say, I didn’t use to be. This morning, the skin on my forehead is parachuting onto my dark maroon polo. The effect is less than attractive.

My favorite capris ripped- at work. Unbeknownst to me. At first. Now, as I am a woman of size, I could see maybe a seam or, shall we say, a “friction” point. But noooo! Right between the pocket and the zipper! Damn it, my favorite baggy comfy britches! Thank you long shirt tail.

And apparently my dream of the other night is coming true. Since we have had so much rain, the earwigs are coming out in full force. I have not found a spray that will keep these little nasties out of my house.

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GAH! I HATE these things!

The roof on our house, which is all of three years old, is leaking. Right into the front room. ("it's raining in Gramma's house!") The ceiling tile is falling down. All in all, though, a nice accent for my broken plaster walls. (Yep, SIX months now and no drywall!)

I am NOT asking “What Next?”.


At 6/07/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ohhh crap. You really aren't havin' a good week. Ok. It's Thursday (I hope). Almost over. You can do this....

Regarding those flippin' earwigs? Yeah, I think I even hate them more than the roaches we had in Florida. These are some nasty, sneaky little f*ckers. Wish I could help.



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