Monday, June 11, 2007

We Got Royalty??

Shout out to Young SGT and Beloved DIL:

The living room is a little skimpy on family photos at the moment. I don't have the boys' service pictures up due to the long anticipated appearance of drywall, but there are still a few. One of the Eldest and Young SGT at his graduation from basic, both in uniform. And one of Young SGT and Beloved DIL at their wedding reception. Our granddaughter loves to point out her daddy and uncle in the first picture. We asked her who was in the other one. She got "Unko Dan" right, but when we asked her who else was in the picture, she said, "That's a Princess!"

Thought that might make your day!


At 6/11/2007, Blogger garfield said...

lol thanks


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