Friday, June 08, 2007

Swimmin' Pools, Movie Stars

There was some excitement last week in the little town down the road from Bedrock. Larry the Cable Guy was shooting some scenes for a new movie over in Virgil. There isn’t much to Virgil, but apparently the old gas station was a perfect location. Why, I even had some of my truck drivers ask for the day off to watch the filming! The nerve!!

Larry was keeping the spectators entertained- this poor lady is about to lose her Sears mail order teeth:

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Anyone who takes the time with little kids is alright with me:

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HEY! I did NOT say it was okay to have the day off! What the hell are you guys doing?

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Ah well. I would have gone if I could. I find Larry the Cable Guy extremely amusing, which should tell you a lot about my sense of humor.

He’s just smokin’ hot here in the sticks.


At 6/08/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Larry the Cable Guy? Here?!?!?!

Damn it. I always seem to be a day late and a dollar short. I'd have LOVED to go out there and watch. He flippin' cracks me up!!


At 6/08/2007, Blogger Richmond said...


At 6/08/2007, Anonymous rsm said...

I've met the guy and talked with him before. He is actually a lot smarter than he portrays himself and cares very much for his fans. He seems to be of the opinion he owes everything to his fans and they are deserving of his time.

At 6/09/2007, Anonymous Mrs. Who said...

Geez, I never realized what a big guy he is!

At 6/09/2007, Blogger Army Wife said...

ya know, he is originally from Nebraska...

which always seems strange to me, because of his "accent"...


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