Thursday, June 28, 2007

Grandmotherhood and Potty Training

I am very lucky that I get to see my granddaughter on a regular basis. The Eldest Son, The Heiress and I will usually have Wednesday night dinners together since he doesn’t have class. Last night The Girlfriend came over and had bought The Heiress a Barbie cheerleader outfit.

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Sorry for the stringy hair- it is REALLY humid. I think I will have to go clothes shopping for her. She hasn’t discovered Bratz dolls that I know of, but I certainly don’t want her dressing like one.

Which just goes to prove I am getting old and Grandmotherly.

How old? I stood The Heiress up to the kitchen wall and marked her height with the date on it. Did your gramma ever do that? Mine did. Now I realize, too late most likely, that I have set a terrible precedent for writing on my walls.

And this whole potty training thing? I would gladly ask for some advice here, because it just ain’t happening. Last night I set her on her Barbie seat on the pot and I sat on the tub. We were in there a good ten minutes and I KNOW she had to go. Nuthin’. Until she got her pull-ups back on. Are these pull-ups a good idea, do you think? The Heiress is 2 ½ and has NO interest in potty training. I wonder if pull-ups make it too easy and comfortable. Granted, it has been over 20 years since I’ve done this, but I always felt that accidents in training pants kind of made the point to a child WHY you wanted them to use the bathroom. Any thoughts on this? I feel archaic at this point.

Well, I am off to find a pearl chain to hold my glasses and lavender sachets for the dresser drawers. Ta-ta!


At 6/28/2007, Anonymous Mrs. Who said...

Both my kids were potty trained by two...they just used the pull-ups at night. The discomfort of wet undies goes a long way for the training. But if the parents can handle buying diapers/pull-ups, that's their choice. They just don't get babysat at my house unless they're trained. (And that REALLY pisses off my sister!)

At 6/29/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

She is adorable. Flat out.

RE: the whole potty training, I'm with you and Mrs. Who. Pull-ups at night but pantys during the day. Don't make it toooo easy for 'em.

And I need to tell you? That last line there, had me crackin' UP! :-)


At 6/30/2007, Blogger Green said...

I completely agree with you about the Bratz dolls! They're disturbing, really.
I LIKE lavender sachets in my undies drawer... am I grandmotherly too?

At 7/10/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A note from a father who is potty training a boy.....diapers and training pants are too good. I asked my son, if he wanted to wear underwear. His response..."But where would the pee go?"..... He was pooping on the toilet, but didn't want to interrupt his play to go pee. We started him wearing underwear right away and he learned. (My son is 3.5 y/o and we only put training pants on at night. He hasn't mastered the wake up to pee concept yet)


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