Monday, June 25, 2007

What Happens In Peoria

Should definitely STAY in Peoria!

Hey, we’re back!! We had a very good convention, got a lot of ideas for this coming year AND, since cocktails (for me) were few and far between, I didn’t have any morning after apologies to make.

This is the basket we raffled off for Young SGT. It was full of Bears, NASCAR and grill items:

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A man by the name of Digger from the 10th District won it, and he was ecstatic. Note to Young SGT- a VERY nice check is coming your way.

Now, usually at Convention, it is Old Sarge and our friend Tom who dress up and go to the different Hospitality rooms. We were spared that, but some others took up the mantle. This is our 6th District commander and President:

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A proud moment for the 6th District to be sure.

And I have no idea what District in Chicago Pauly is from, but he makes one hell of a woman:

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He and Squidward made a lovely couple.

Now as you know, Young SGT had his surgery last Thursday. I talked to him on Friday morning to get the lowdown, and couldn’t have been happier. It seems that all that they replaced was his PCL- no eight different incisions or other major repair work. He doesn’t understand how after his exploratory surgery and all the doom and gloom of THAT diagnosis that things could turn out so differently.

I do.

Young SGT made the comment that he knew a lot of people had been praying for him, and that they had surely done a great job of it. I have no problem whatsoever putting this in the Miracle category. Thanks, guys!


At 6/25/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I got your message and couldn't have smiled any bigger. WooHoo!!!!

Looks like y'all had a good time. I'm heading to Peoria tomorrow - somehow, I'm thinkin' it won't be anywhere near the same....



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