Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Sweet Dreams


I am not a good sleeper. For some reason, I wake up several times during the night. Once I wake up the first time, I will be lucky to doze for half an hour before I wake up again. You wonder where the "rage" comes from? I'm TIRED, fer Pete's sake!

And I swear, I have the most God-awful dreams. Last night, in the dream, I had several pots of bacon grease boiling on my stove. Yes, boiling. The pots were all overflowing, running into the oven, down the side of the stove, on the floor. I was frantically trying to clean all this nasty grease from everywhere and moved the refrigerator out of the way. Cockroaches, scorpions and every kind of bug imaginable starts flying out from in back of the fridge. Cockroaches are flying in my hair, crawling up my legs and on my hands- I can't get them off.

For the record:
I HATE cockroaches.
This dream is NOT fading into oblivion today.
I am never eating anything from China House again.
I'd better spend all day Saturday cleaning the kitchen.


At 6/10/2007, Anonymous Harvey said...

See? THAT'S why I never clean behind my fridge :-)


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