Wednesday, May 23, 2007


Tammi has a great post up that says everything I feel about our missing soldiers in Iraq. And I want to add one more thing.

To the MSM:

When we lose one of our servicemen, it is required that you not release their name until the family has been notified. So, speaking as the mother of The Illustrated Family, I can damn well tell you, there is the mother of one of those three soldiers who knows DAMN well her son has a tattoo on his left arm, just like the whole fucking world knows now! Nice job, assholes!

God, how I hate the media!

Being a military mom, you mentally light a candle everytime you hear that we have lost another precious life, and that another mother, with the same worries you have, is going through so much pain and loss. That the media reports this shit is just cruel and malicious.


At 5/23/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

See, this is why I need you. I had planned on making that very point about the ID, but was sooo pissed off I couldn't think straight.

Ohhhh those mother f'ers....


At 5/23/2007, Blogger LL said...

I thought the EXACT same thing about the tattoo, but at this point, we're all just pissin' in the wind. *sigh* Fuckin' media.

BTW, is the word verification a joke you're playing on me?!?



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