Wednesday, May 23, 2007

And So On

Life, as it does from time to time, is coming at me from all directions. I always thought, when my kids were little, that time was a thing to be multiplied, not divided. That is proving true even in my declining years.

First and foremost.

Young SGT has met with his surgeon, and will be having his reconstruction on June 21st. Eight incisions. Replacement of the PCL and LCL, repair of all else. He is hoping they will videotape it for him. The worst case scenario is that he will regain 50%. IF, the planets are aligned perfectly and we pray really really hard, he can get back up to 95%. Young SGT and the Beloved DIL got their package from me yesterday, and surprisingly, were more excited by the Apple Pie than the Ninja Turtle britches. I hope they are both enjoying huge hangovers this morning.

I am working 12 hours a day, I am supposed to have an introduction to the Voice of Democracy program ready for the website this week- so far, I have “Hello, Sisters, I am Raging Mom and have a HUGE case of writers block at the moment”- we have the big Memorial Day ceremony this weekend, my gardens need weeding and I have ants in my kitchen.

And it is all good. I know, I just KNOW, that my son is going to be fine. And that’s all that matters right now.


At 5/23/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Young Sgt (and DIL) are in my prayers. That is very encouraging news.

Re: everything else? Deep breath. Well, deep breath and Raid.

Good Luck!


At 5/25/2007, Anonymous Bou said...

He is so young and fit... he should be a GREAT candidate for 95%! They're in my prayers...


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