Tuesday, November 28, 2006

They Have Names

I have never put anything on my sidebar, mostly because I don't know how! But with T1G's expertise, I now have a picture. With a link. For a wonderful website that everyone should read.

As a military mom, I am reminded everyday that our soldiers have faces, and stories, and families. There are days I cry for Sue Tyrrell, knowing that as her son Scott lay burned, blinded, armless and on a ventilator, she had to make a choice no mother should ever have to make. I can never forget her face, at Scott's memorial, when she was presented with her Gold Star banner. Trying to be strong, yet there was a quick look of horror, and she was hesistant to touch the banner. My stars, thank God, are all still blue, but so many are not. And I am thankful everyday for those who sacrifice so much.

There you go, CJ. My pleasure and honor!


At 11/28/2006, Anonymous CJ said...

Thank you. And a very moving tribute to Scott Tyrrell. I hope to be able to tell his story at THN. If she's able, please have Sue contact me and I'd love to tell his story.


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