Thursday, March 16, 2006


There is a satellite dish outside my window, with a monitor right at my desk, that tracks the latest weather. It has become my de facto job to be the weather gal.


I commented last night when I was having Tammi Time that I didn't see how we could possibly be getting all the snow that was called for. When I got up at 3:00 this morning, there was nothing, nada, zip.

And even though we haven't gotten anything worse than a few flurries today, my phone has rang off the hook with people wondering when it's going to snow.

It. Isn't.

Sorry, that's my final answer. It isn't going to drop a foot of fucking snow on our fucking heads. Ain't gonna happen.

Now quit calling me!


At 3/17/2006, Blogger Tammi said...

So...are you sayin' I should take you off the speed dial? ;-)

What would I do without your road reports in the morning? You've saved my ass on several occasions!!!!


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