Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Unit- review

One of the most underappreciated phrases?

"Your brother made me do it!"

See, if it were ME that was drinking, that would require some snarky comments from family members and an apology on my part. But if it is another family member who has been drinking (and driving) and home late.....

I'm not vicious, no. I'm just keeping the remote.

So, I watched The Unit and was really hoping that this would be something I would like. There was alot I did like about it, and I feel a little weird saying this, but the family aspect of the show made me nuts. Damn, that FNG's whiny wife made me crazy!! If it's so tough to get into the Unit, you'd think they would do better personal-life-issues screening better. And the wife who's banging the Colonel? Cripes, was that really neccessary to the story? Just couldn't make a good series about Special Forces without a little infidelity thrown in?

Sorry, it seemed a little gratuitous to me. But I'll watching next week anyway. Dennis Haysbert is awesome, and I find myself strangely fascinated by Max Martini.

The name Martini has nothing to do with it.


At 3/08/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

couldnt be worse than Over There....

what time/channel is it on?

At 3/24/2006, Blogger Politics of a Patriot said...

I've seen every episode (well not that there have been that many so far) except the second one. I actually liked it, but I'm in agreement with you... especially on the family stuff.


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