Wednesday, February 27, 2008

If a Tree Falls in Town...

If you remember this post, then you know about the Pine Tree From Hell across the street at the Judge's house. It is a very tall, beautiful old pine and, I am convinced, completely rotten on the inside.

Eldest Son had stayed overnight on Monday so that he could be close to the shop when he had to go plow snow in the wee hours of the morning. After he left around 2:00 a.m., I noticed that it was very dark and very quiet in the house. Old Sarge came downstairs and I told him that I thought the power was out. He said, no shit, the TV upstairs is turning itself on and off. He turned on the dining room light and it was blindingly bright. So part of the house had no electricity and part had WAY too much.

About that time Com Ed shows up across the street and cuts all the power. Seems the Pine Tree From Hell has lost some more branches and taken out the transformer this time. They finally get the power restored about 7 a.m., but...we still have no TV, no coffeemaker (oh the humanity!) no phones and no heat.

Thankfully, our plumbing and heating company was prompt, and it only got down to 45 degrees in the house before the furnace was fixed. The power surge blew the transformer inside it.

So, we have a new coffeemaker and one new phone so far, but all our phones were shot, both TVs are history, alarm clocks, power strips, computer, you name it, it's toast. And the refrigerator is humming at an alarming volume.

I seriously need winter to be over, and I think it's time to talk to the Judge about his damn tree.


At 2/27/2008, Anonymous Diana said...

outch, yes, i would talk to him


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