Thursday, January 31, 2008

Ice Ice Baby

Sometimes you can't truly appreciate how bad wind chill can affect the temperature.

This is the gas station I stop at every morning:


You may notice that you can't see in the doors. That is ice- on the inside!

Snowing AGAIN today. I am so done with driving in this shit. I'm taking all next week off, so I'm sure the driving conditions will be wonderful until I return to work!


At 2/01/2008, Blogger tammi said...


I wanna come home, really I do. But you show my crap like this, and darlin'? I have 2nd, 3rd and 4th thoughts!!!!

At 2/01/2008, Blogger tammi said...

ME not my. That's not MY crap on your blog. Hell, as good of friends as we are, you never SEEN my crap.

Sorry. Must re-read before I hit "POST"...

ME not MY

At 2/01/2008, Blogger Richmond said...

I hear you - I am *sick* of winter... Bleh.

Enjoy your week off!! Yay!

At 2/02/2008, Anonymous Contagion said...

I'm loving it. I like it cold, it's much better than hot!


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