Sunday, April 29, 2007

I wonder...

I had an excellent afternoon with some of my favorite bloggers yesterday. More on that later, as I am at home and, I have no idea what Old Sarge has done to this computer but, glaciers melt, mighty oaks grow from acorns and- a page loads! Yippee!

Driving home from Rockford yesterday, I called the Young SGT down in Texas to hear how he was settling in. He said he was glad to be leading troops again and things were good. Except...his deployment has been pushed back until November now, and he is very concerned that he will not get the chance to go back to Iraq.

How about that? I am torn right now between being disappointed for him, relieved that we have a reprieve for the moment, and hoping for Congress' sake this isn't all part of their fun and games.

Huh. Worried that he won't be able to go back to Iraq. How do we deserve young people like that?


At 4/29/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You've raised yourself a pretty impressive young man there RM.

Like you, I hope this is all a part of the damned fun & games, but I'm glad to know you have a reprieve.

Tammi - who still hasn't fixed that blogger account yet!

At 4/29/2007, Blogger That 1 Guy said...

Great seeing you again, RM!!!

As for Young SGT, there's a good man. But you already knew that.

At 4/29/2007, Blogger Richmond said...

We *don't* deserve them... Wow.

And it was wonderful meeting you yesterday! :-)

At 4/30/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope this is NOT a part of the fun and games....

Damn. Sorry about that RM. I was makin' a pie while tryin' to blog. Guess I'm not so good at multi tasking.....



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