Thursday, April 19, 2007

We Are So Gross

Once again, the pitter patter of little feet can be heard at Jackass Acres. Well, size 14's anyway. Eldest Son, The Heiress and I were dining on chicken fried steak, sour cream & chives mashed potatoes and beets last night. After dinner...

RM: I'm going on out on the porch for a smoke and to rid myself of some rapidly accumulating bloatiness.
(and as I get up, the unmistakable sounds of...hmmm...blowing bubbles in the bathtub?...are escaping my ass)

Eldest: That's what I like about being here.

RM: Oh really???

Eldest: Well, that instead of hearing, "Eww, that's so disgusting!" you can just fart.

RM: And rate it for clarity and presentation.

Eldest: Foulness and eye-watering.

The Heiress: Gramma, you farted.


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