Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Winner of the Best Idea...

for the military ball.....(drum roll).....AWTM, for suggesting that rule infractions are required to donate to a charity instead of drinking from the grog bowl. That may not be as exciting, but we are all very different ages at the VF*n*W, and this is definitely more dignified.

And it so happens that I have a particular one in mind. The Hines VA Hospital in Chicago is under consideration for a Fisher House in 2009. If $1.5 million can be raised here in the state before June 1st, there is an excellent chance that the groundbreaking date will be moved up. Win-win, I say.

Oh, I know I didn't say anything about this being a contest, sorry. AWTM, I still have some AWESOME jellies- shoot me an email!


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