Thursday, April 12, 2007

The Things You Find

My office is filthy. It will always be filthy, since I work in Bedrock- you could dust three times a day and it would do no good. So occassionally I kinda let things slide on my desk.

I will have worked here ten years next month. Apparently it has been that long since I cleaned my top desk drawer.

I can never find erasers and lead for my mechanical pencil. NOW I have enough to last me until retirement.

Seventy-three pens.

Push pins- I NEVER have enough push pins.

A love note from my husband- I remember it came with flowers because we had had a helluva fight. Most likely my fault.

A picture of me at about 125 lbs. and HUGE hair. Good Lord, what happened?

A picture of Old Sarge when he was stationed in Germany. He looks like someone put a bowl on his head to cut his hair. The hair is gone, but the eyes are still as beautiful.

Hmmm, I'll have to do this again-when I retire!


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