Friday, April 13, 2007

WHAT Day Is it??

Crap, I feel asleep on the couch last night- AGAIN. The downside of that is that there is no alarm clock in the living room. So when Old Sarge came downstairs this morning and asked me when I had to leave for work, I said 4:15. He informed me that it was now 4:45.

Folks, it is possible to shower, even put on mascara, stop for cigarettes and make a 55 minute commute in 60 minutes if you really put your mind to it. I wasn't as early as I like to be, but I wasn't late either.

Today isn't going to be a loss though. Bill Whittle has Part II of Seeing The Unseen up. That man is pure genius.


At 4/13/2007, Blogger Tammi said...

Oh yeah, I know EXACTLY what you're talkin' about.

Today? Yeah, thank GOODNESS it's Friday. Jeans, sweater, hair pulled back, no make-up and barely made it "on time".

But I did make it, so there's that goin' for the day.....


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