Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Commence The Feces Flinging

Anyone have an opinion about the Congressional investigation regarding Pat Tillman and Jessica Lynch?

Because of course, you know I do.

I always felt that when Pat Tillman joined the Army, that was a very noble thing to do. I feel that way about EVERY man or woman who makes that choice. Maybe Pat Tillman was seen as making a bigger sacrifice because he had more to lose. That is just flat ass wrong. Unless you think an NFL contract is more important than your life. And unfortunately, Pat Tillman lost his life in one of the most heart-breaking ways possible- by friendly fire.

I can’t really understand what his family is going through, and I never want to. I DON’T want to know that kind of grief. But his brother Kevin, now a big anti-war activist, seems to be going down the Cindy Sheehan path of tearing down our military and our government by any means possible. Wouldn’t it have been better to let Pat Tillman remain a hero instead of a victim? What is left to investigate? Things were done that in hindsight were wrong, and maybe it WAS to cover the Army’s ass. Everyone knows now that a tragic accident happened, heads will roll because of it, and all the posturing done in front of Congress will not bring Pat Tillman back.

How do you want to remember him? As some chump who was stupid enough to be drug into an illegal war for oil, or someone that loved his country and his brother enough to fight for them?

I seem to remember that Kevin Tillman, a baseball player whose future was looking bright, was the first one to decide to join the Army. Maybe his anti-war actions now are a misplaced sense of guilt? If so, that is a damn shame.


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