Friday, December 08, 2006

Wreaths Across America Update

I finally got to talk to someone at the Arsenal that knew about this program. Weird, this Lt. Col. they had listed as a contact person is not even in the directory! But I am nothing if not persistant, and reached the cemetery director this morning. He seemed VERY surprised at my offer to volunteer. He also said this is their first time doing this, and while he may not need me to put wreaths out, he would find something for me to do. Good enough! We chatted a little while; he asked if I was with a service organization. I said yes, but I was really more interested in helping as a military wife and mom. When I said that Old Sarge was retired from the Air Force, he asked if he would be able to come out and lay the Air Force wreath. Wow, what an honor!!! The Arsenal has Army, Marines and Seabees detachments, but no zoomies. OS has used all his vacation time already, but I see an illness in his future.

So, this is turning out to be an adventure!


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