Monday, October 30, 2006


Dax has posted a couple of perfect margarita recipes. They look pretty good in general. My personal favorite?
crushed ice
Patron Anejo tequila
Grand Marnier or Cointreau
juice from three lime wedges
just a splash of Rosa's
served in a highball glass
salt- take it or leave it.

What's your best margarita? And on a side note, blended or on the rocks? Me personally as a former bartender, blenders are for sissies.


At 10/30/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

22 oz. "Mr. Margarita" Mix
2 giggers of Tequila (Patron works best)
2 giggers of Brandy
2 1/2 giggers of Triple Sec
2 cans of Beer (your call on brand)

Seriously this doesn't sound good at all, but it totally is. I had it at a friend's house (heard a rumor his mom made the best) and I had to ask AFTER I tasted it. try it, leave it, WHATEVER :)


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