Monday, October 30, 2006

She Lives!

Hey, still alive and kicking! Just been busy doing that WORK thing and...I do believe I promised a ghost story for Halloween.

When T1G were first getting to know one another, he had asked if I knew anything about the ghost up on Kennedy Hill outside of Byron. What I knew wasn't much, other than it is a damn creepy place, especially at night. Kennedy Hill is a steep one, with the Deerfield Estate at its crest. I don't know a thing about that place, other than it has two gatehouses on the property, fairly pretentious for this neck of the woods. And speaking of woods, that is all you can see of the place. No main house, nothing. The imagination runs wild.

It just so happens this stretch of road seems to have a resident phantom that makes appearances now and then. My brother swears she is naked.

He would.

So patience, please, Deerfield is in the works and will be debuting shortly.


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