Friday, October 06, 2006

Weekend in Hell

Yep, that's what we call Autumn on Parade weekend in our little town. It is a SERIOUS pain in the ass for those of us who live in town. Cars blocking your driveway, people from the city all over the place and WHAT in the name of God would possess people to bring their dogs? I swear, Sunday you will see me on my front porch with my BB gun, just waiting for the mongrel hordes that insist on shitting in my yard. I must have the most popular maple tree in northern Illinois.
Sunday is always chili day- folks stop in, grab a bowl & a beer, visit a little and go on their way. It's what we were doing five years ago, Sunday October 7th. Having a beer in the back yard when the radio announced we had started bombing Afghanistan...
Saturday will be good, though. My dear brother-in-law, 1SGT Mike, is retiring from the Marine Corps, so we'll be heading for Rock Island Arsenal for his ceremony.I really think he's ready; I've met his new CO and she is a real bitch. Be sure to raise a glass for Mike this weekend- he's a helluva a guy.


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