Monday, September 18, 2006

My First E-bay Purchase

Art is such a personal thing.
That's a good thing, too, as apparently I have no taste.

Eh. It is what it is. If I had my way and Old Sarge's money, the entire house would be decorated with Terry Redlin prints. Art for the proletariat, I'm all down with that. This is the print that I missed out on last Thursday:

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Nightfire by Kim Norlien

I like it. Yeah, maybe it's commercial, but I really wish I was sitting at that campfire watching the Northern Lights. So...for about $60 less than I would have paid at the banquet, this puppy is now mine, courtesy of Ebay.

Thanks Ebay! This might the start of a beautiful relationship!


At 9/18/2006, Anonymous t1g said...

Redlin is the shit...

I also really like Michael Sieve, and Ron Van Gilder. Kick ass paintings...

At 9/19/2006, Blogger Silentwarrior said...

Lovely! But I prefer the works of Gene Poole, Adam Zapel, and Warren Peace.

Come to think of it, I think I have an original Amanda Huginkiss somewhere around here...


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