Thursday, September 14, 2006

Back to Basics

I'm starting to think my future self will be clad in denim jumpers and hiking boots. Honestly, this whole do-it-yourself thing with the gardening and canning, it's out of hand. I made more jelly last night, and while stirring the pot and reading a cookbook, I found even MORE recipes to try. This is a sickness, I'm sure. I am no Earth Mother.

Then there's the calves. We've been raising our own for a couple of years now, so buying beef at the grocery store is unheard of. And now? My brother bought us pigs. Excuse me, hogs. I guess. When I peeked in on them, they looked like piglets to me. And they were cute! Damn it, I must not get attached to consummables! Fortunately, as they get bigger they will reek to high heaven, and by then I will probably be begging to be the one to shoot them.

Barbarians, aren't we?

So, on the agenda for the weekend is apple and grape jellies. Please put your orders in, folks, I have nowhere else to put jars and I can't stop myself!


At 9/14/2006, Blogger Tammi said...

**raising hand**

I'll help you out with some of that apple jelly. It's a weakness of mine.

I just wish I could help ya do it!

At 9/14/2006, Anonymous rsm said...

ahem... Grape, please...

At 9/14/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Do they ship well or must they stay refridgerated the entire time?

At 9/15/2006, Anonymous Anonymous said...

i would like deer stix jelly!


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