Monday, September 11, 2006

A Slice of Americana

There, now that I have my venom post out of the way, let me share something good with you:

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On the way home from the nephews’ football game Saturday, Mom made a detour out in the country to show me this place. Some people plant flowers in their front yards, some set up a General Store and outhouse.
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I had to keep getting closer because everywhere you look, there is some amazing detail. Can you see the ridgerunners hanging up by the outhouse? And the S&H Green Stamp sign?

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In the front window of the “store” is a Schlitz beer sign. My God, I can’t imagine the time, effort and auctions visited to put this place together. It’s definitely given me some ideas for Jackass Acres!

The funny thing is, I have seen places like this up near Council Hills, IL or New Diggings, WI that are for real, if not so nearly maintained. Does it remind you of anything from your past?


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