Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Happy Belated

Did everyone have a lovely Valentine's Day? Sure hope so. Except for a brief and all-too familiar court appearance, where I DEMANDED a jury trial by my peers, (not exactly, Judge Kaufmann is a very nice lady) hoping that said peers, at least one or two of them, have also had a bad experience with The Cops Gone Wild in my small burg, I had the afternoon off. I was able to do some much needed errands, buy my honey an obscene amount of chocolate to position strategically next to his recliner and attempt to get my shaggy mop shaped. I knew my regular mane tamer was out of town- I've been trying to see her for two months and just couldn't schedule anything that worked time-wise- so I called a few other places. Nothing. Walked down the main drag to the place that "Welcomes" "Walk-ins". Um, not so much, they don't. So, with a couple of hours left before Old Sarge would be home, I took matters into my own hands. Literally.

After searching Poverty Flats in vain for something resembling a comb, I retreated to the bathroom armed with the sharpest pair of scissors I own and had at it. If you haven't met me and are thinking, "Dear Lord, that's insane!" please, I have some of the thickest, waviest, curly hair you've ever seen, it's like whacking away at an overgrown hedge! You really can't make a mistake here that anyone would notice. I think it looks awesome, at least the parts I can see. Maybe not perfectly even, but I can't tell. The purchase of a comb will help me even it up, and since I can't see what I did in back, screw it. Not troubled by what I can't see.

Since I figured I saved a bunch of money, I talked Old Sarge into going to the VF*nW here in town and gambling. Good call! Won money!! Even though we no longer belong to this particular Post, it was a HOOT last night. Apparently, some of the ladies (they are in their 60's and 70's) had a tea party earlier in the afternoon. Well, at the least the lady whose house they were at, said she had hot water on and had found some tea bags, but was pretty sure they weren't used. Imagine five Grandmas laughing and whooping it up, okay, they were pretty bagged to be honest, telling "Earlene"(Earl) and "Eleanor"(Elmer) they'd better stop by for the next party, well, it did my heart good. I can only hope to have as much fun as these gals when I'm their age.

And even though I noticed it's getting pretty difficult to give my honey a good hug due to our respective roundness, I'm still glad he's my Valentine!


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