Thursday, February 09, 2006

Business Ethics...Or Not

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If you've been reading here lately, you know that my company was put in a bad position- going from three trucks down to one, option to replace not available at this time, and the WORST driver having the most seniority. This guy has cost the company so much money. He's usually off a minimum, I kid you not, of two months a year on some sort of injury, mostly back. He's totaled one truck and trailer, basically is just very hard on equipment. And, he defies me. He tries to handpick the jobs HE wants to go on, not the ones I need the truck on, and if he doesn't get his way, the truck "breaks down". If he doesn't want to work, he parks it, whether we're done or not. On top of everything else, Favorite Driver no longer works here because of all this.

So...I've been documenting everything. The refusal to load, going home early, unauthorized shop time, and most importantly, how fast the $/hour went down once he came back to work. I don't even have to make it personal, just lay it out in black and white how much money we're losing.

Ultimately, I won't be getting my good drivers back. My best guess would be that the company decides to no longer own any of its own trucks, and everything will be delivered by brokers, should they fire this asshole. It may make customer service a little more challenging, but I think I can compensate.

The question is, would YOU do it?


At 2/09/2006, Blogger Tink said...

Shit yeah girl. Get rid of him. That's awful that they fired the good drivers though. But if this is what they give you to work with then it would be best to take it off your hands entirely. Good luck!

At 2/12/2006, Blogger Tammi said...

I would do exactly what you're doing. Exactly.


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