Monday, February 13, 2006

A Good Start

Politics always makes for a good debate in our household. Old Sarge is slowing but surely breaking out of his Irish-Catholic-Democrat mindset that was spoon-fed to him as a child, but occassionally it rears its head. Since we were out of the loop this weekend, we didn't know the Vice-President had a hunting accident:

TV:"...Vice President Dick Cheney has shot a man..."
Old Sarge: (snort) looking at me, raised eyebrow
Me: (shrug)"I'm sure he had a good reason."
TV:"...the Austin attorney..."


At 2/13/2006, Anonymous shayna said...

LOL... Hey I like your husbands mind set of the ol' Irish-Catholic-Democrat. LOL! ;)

Happy Early
Valentine's Day

At 2/15/2006, Blogger Contagion said...

It was an accident, but I'm sure there will be a three year investigation into it.


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