Thursday, February 02, 2006

Pot soaked clothes???

You Are a Freedom Rocker!

You're stuck in the 70s - for better or worse
Crazy hair, pot soaked clothes, and tons of groupies
Your kind showed the world how to rock
Is that freedom rock?... Well turn it up man!

God, am I old!

Courtesy of Shayna


At 2/02/2006, Blogger Richmond said...

It said I was a "chick rocker". Hmmmm. :)

At 2/02/2006, Anonymous shayna said...

I think this is the perfect rocker for you... hmmm... TONS OF GROUPIES??? I can see you showing the world how to rock! ;)

At 2/05/2006, Blogger Tammi said...

You're living proof that chicks can rock
You're inspired by Joan Jett and the Donnas
And when you rock, you rock hard
(Plus, you get all the cute guy groupies you want!)

HA! The funny thing is I *was* in a bad - early 80's. Punked out - pink and whatever hair, black leather, spikes. And no - I didn't have a single male group - cute or otherwise.

Damn - the story of my life! ;-)


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