Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Der Biermeister

Old Sarge has acquired a new hobby. Unfortunately, it does not involve finishing drywall projects!

See, Young SGT has been brewing his own beer for awhile, (although I imagine operations are suspended while he is on his extended desert vacation getaway) and Old Sarge wanted to have a hobby in common with him. The $30 brew kit from Wal-Mart did not satisfy his curiousity, oh no. He ordered a set-up so that he can brew 5 gallons of beer at time.

My eyebrows nearly disappeared into my hairline at that.

Now, he has just bottled his first batch. There was a little left over, and we tasted it. It was flat, since the carbonation takes place in the bottling process, but...damn, it tasted like beer! Rather tasty beer at that!!

Old Sarge now has Batch #2, a lovely high alcohol Oktoberfest guaranteed to make you dance on a table to a polka band, in the fermenter.

Fast forward to today, I am only working a half day since Son #2 was flying into O'Hare and I had planned to pick him up. This is the first time we have seen him since he has been back from Iraq, mind you. I stopped at the Home Brew Shop in St. Charles, since I am killing time, and bought Old Sarge an extra carboy and a brewing book.

When we got home from the airport, Old Sarge met us on the sidewalk, gave Son #2 who has been in Iraq, did I mention, a handshake and heads for the back of the Explorer to get his surprize.

Thankfully, Son #2 and I had an hour and half in the car for me to warn him about the new obsession.

And for those interested, Batch #2 will be ready in time for my 50th birthday, I have the polka band booked already.


At 6/01/2008, Blogger That 1 Guy said...

My old neighbor used to brew his own, too. He made some very kickass beers.

'Tis a great hobby for OS to get into... and it works out good for you, too!

I meant beer wise... ;)

At 6/02/2008, Blogger garfield said...

operation is not suspended, the german brewmaster took over :)


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