Monday, December 17, 2007

For The Joy Of It

Yesterday was the Christmas Party at our VF*n*W, which includes free Tom & Jerry's, a potluck and Christmas raffles. Old Sarge, Eldest Son and I went over for it, crappy roads not withstanding, and met friends and family there. Hilarity ensued.

Not many people may understand this commitment to VFW and our Post. Maybe there's been a bad experience with a Post being just a smoke-filled canteen- hey, fourteen more days and we go smoke-free! Thank you Big Government for dictating to a PRIVATE VETERANS CLUB on what's good for us!
(Focus) Or maybe folks weren't nice, whatever. Maybe they are all old.

We aren't like that.

So, our table is getting verbally abused because we are winning so many raffles. well, between my friend Di, my sister and I, there's $300 tied up in raffle tickets, so...too bad. But it's good natured. Towards the end of raffles, two brothers at an adjacent table start making paper airplanes out of the placemats. I might mention that they are late 70's-early 80's. And DAMN fine makers of airplanes! Our table started getting bombarded because we are winning so much, then everyone starts flying airplanes. Probably close to 200 people, from age 12 (my nephew) to ancient, laughing, carrying on, trying to bean each other with planes. This lasted nearly half an hour..
And you know what? it was just plain fun.


At 12/19/2007, Anonymous Anonymous said...

what a lovely story! makes me feel a lot better about the book of paper airplanes i sent in my boyfriends care package!

... somethings never change.

usually those are the richest of pleasures in life!

take care,


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