Monday, December 10, 2007

You're Welcome!!

I have noticed that so many other bloggers are putting up recipes and tales of weekend baking. I'm with you, sisters, I've been doing much of the same! So I am going to post an old family recipe for your after-baking experience. or...during-baking experience, who cares!

Have you priced a bottle of Kahlua lately? I did- $20. I love Kahlua, with cream, or in my coffee, on the rocks- that is some tasty stuff. But I don't want to spend alot, AND I needed some stocking stuffers. So, courtesy of JackAss Acres Distillery, here is my recipe for coffee-flavored liquer for your holiday enjoyment:

5 cups strong coffee
3 cups sugar

Boil until sugar is dissolved, Remove from heat; add 1/3 cup of instant coffee.
When completely cooled, add a fifth of vodka and one vanilla bean broken in pieces. Store for three weeks.

NOW...if you live in a small berg like me, vanilla beans may be hard to come by. Plus, waiting three weeks to decant? I don't have that kind of storage pot to spare. For more instant gratification, you may substitute 1/3 cup vanilla extract with no ill effects and your liquer is ready immediately.

It really tastes like Kahlua, and I made a triple batch- yielding 7 fifths and a pint mason jar- for under $40.

Just my little Christmas gift to you! Next up- Irish Cream!


At 12/10/2007, Anonymous tammi said...

I needed this SATURDAY!!

But I'll try it for this weekend~~

At 12/12/2007, Anonymous SK said...

You have the best recipe on the web!


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