Friday, October 05, 2007

October 7, 2001

What were YOU doing then?

The Original Old Sarge and I were in my backyard watching the Harvest Parade, drinking beer and waiting for my Old Sarge and some others to get back. I had run into the house for something when I caught a sound bite from the TV, that we were bombing Afghanistan. I brought a radio outside and the two of us sat by the fire, listening to the reports.

By the way, the Original Old Sarge was a cigar-chomping mean SOB of a Marine. He is still around, but his wife has taken away his beer and cigars due to failing health. I saw him a few weeks ago; he is thinner and frail. We had heard that his (alleged)Alzheimers was bad, but I didn't see any change. When my brother walked up to him he yelled "Well, Jesus Christ!" OOS just grinned and said, "My thoughts exactly!"


At 10/06/2007, Blogger Richmond said...

Sounds like a good guy - even without cigars and beer. :)

And Happy Birthday to you, RM - I hope that today has been a great one!

At 10/06/2007, Blogger That 1 Guy said...

Happy Birthday, She Who Never Comes Around!


At 10/06/2007, Blogger Army Wife said...

Tammi informed me that you HAVE a BIRTHDAY today!!!

enjoy the day...!!!!

At 10/06/2007, Anonymous Bou said...

Happy Birthday!!!

At 10/07/2007, Anonymous Mrs. Who said...

Happy (late) Birthday to you!

And I have mixed feelings on taking away 'comfort items' from the elderly. If they're going to be in pain and discomfort anyway, let them have something they like. Doesn't matter if it's a ham biscuit or a cigar or whatever. What's the point of prolonging their discomfort if all you're doing is prolonging their discomfort??? I know there can be medical issues, but geez...let them be happy in their declining time.


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